A legacy of determination is UFC fighter Brian Ortega’s secret weapon

Featherweight fighter Brian Ortega knew he had natural talent, but he also knew that wasn’t enough to be the best. The mixed martial artist found inspiration in his parents, who both demonstrated hard work and perseverance as Mexican immigrants.

“My parents went to hell and back and refused to quit,” Ortega says. “They installed a lot of good things in me.”

Born and raised in “the projects of San Pedro,” as his manager says, Ortega inherited his admirable work ethic.

His father, who came to America first, didn’t speak English, worked two jobs, and was even homeless for a time. Ortega’s mother eventually joined her husband, and together they built their own American dream.

“When you go for anything in life, you go for it all,” Ortega says, referring to both his parents’ story and his career.

As the official beer of the UFC, Modelo Especial is celebrating Ortega’s grit and determination in this video (trigger warning: blood and fighting), which was produced as part of Modelo‘s campaign highlighting UFC fighters who both embrace and embody the fighting spirit.

“I already have the fighting spirit and everyone knows it, but now we’re adding smarts to it,” Ortega says. “Imagine a smart guy who doesn’t quit — he’s gonna pick you apart left and right. And he doesn’t back down. That’s what the new me is.”

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