BBC Natural History Unit Launches ‘The Green Planet’-Inspired Campaign

The BBC’s Natural History Unit has partnered with transformational charity Moondance Foundation to launch a campaign inspired by David Attenborough series “The Green Planet.”

The #OurGreenPlanet campaign will work alongside conservationists and digital influencers to highlight the role that plants and green habitats play in biodiversity in order to inspire behavioural change and ecosystem restoration.

As part of the collaboration, Moondance Foundation is also backing a 12-month production deal with the Natural History Unit (NHU). Through the deal, NHU’s digital team will create a specially-made programme of online content supporting the campaign. The content will initially be hosted on BBC Earth’s Instagram page before being seeded out to other collaborating platforms.

Supported by Attenborough himself, the programme aims to inspire all the planet’s citizens, from local communities to inventors, to preserve the earth by introducing them to the green spaces all around them.

“The BBC Natural History Unit launched ‘The Green Planet’ at COP26,” Attenborough said in a statement. “The series emphasizes the critical role plants play in achieving and maintaining a balanced ecosystem. The #OurGreenPlanet initiative aims to inspire us all to examine our lives and how we might make a lasting impact upon the health of the planet.”

Jonny Keeling, the newly-installed head of BBC’s Natural History Unit, added: “The Natural History Unit’s core belief has always been that if we inspire audiences with spectacular wildlife stories, they will want to protect the natural world. #OurGreenPlanet is the first NHU Impact project to be activated this year. We can’t wait to start working with conservationists and content creators to encourage a greater understanding and protection of our increasingly fragile green planet.”

Diane Briere de l’Isle-Engelhardt, chair of Moondance Foundation said: “Knowing that 40% of plants on Earth are threatened with extinction, it is critical that we do more for biodiversity and find solutions to redress the balance. The Moondance Foundation hopes that the #OurGreenPlanet activity will empower action and lead to real change around the world.”

“The Green Planet” is currently airing on PBS in the U.S. and on BBC One and iPlayer in the U.K.

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