Biden Hits Record Lowest Net Disapproval Among Independents

President Joe Biden hit a record low net disapproval rating among independent adult citizens, an Economist/YouGov poll revealed Wednesday.

Only 27 percent of independent voters approved of Biden, while 64 percent disapproved, marking a net disapproval rating of negative 37 percent.

For perspective, Biden won independent voters in 2020 by 13 percent (54-41 percent).

The poll also handed Biden a terrible approval rating overall. Just 40 percent of respondents said they approve of Biden’s performance. Fifty percent disapproved.

In January, upon Biden assuming office, 53 percent approved of Biden and 36 disapproved, according to FiveThirtyEight polling.

When respondents were asked to describe the current state of the American economy, only four percent said it was in excellent shape.

Twenty percent said it was in good shape. Thirty-one percent said it was in fair shape, while 37 percent said it was in poor shape.

A plurality of respondents also said the state of economy is getting worse. Forty-eight percent said the economy is getting worse under Biden and only 18 percent said it is getting better.

Optimism about the future was also reflected poorly for the president. Forty-six percent of adult citizens were pessimistic about the future, and just 32 percent were optimistic.

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