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With thousands of devoted fans around the world, BTS certainly knows how to get ARMY’s hearts racing. But now, the K-pop group is trying to get hearts racing in the most literal meaning. In a new video shared by HYBE EDU on Monday (May 23), BTS helps guide fans through a 14-minute workout video focused on cardio and heart health.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“Not only does it improve your cardiopulmonary function, but it also burns body fat and reduces stress as well. That’s why BTS makes sure to keep cardio in their workout routine. Slowly try to increase the reps and set time! And don’t forget to drink water in between,” the video’s description reads. Like the group’s previous exercise videos, it launches into guided instruction by a woman, who in this one performs and repeats series of burpees, squats, mountain climbers and jumping jacks.

In between the instructional clips, the BTS members are shown demonstrating how they practice cardio — including a picturesque run on the beach — and discuss how they exercise in daily life and during their performances.

“I did cardio every day. For one, you feel better after, and I can feel myself becoming healthier. My life and work was the same, and I only added cardio and running in the mix, but I felt the quality of life improve,” Jimin said during a potion of the video.

RM later expanded on his own use of cardio, and explained how much he and the other members are able to burn while doing a concert. “I try not to forget how it feels to use my body, and you might think that I only lift weights, but I do circuits and cardio as well. That way, I can use my hips and maintain my cardiovascular health,” he said. “If you dance for about two hours at a concert, you burn about 1,500 calories. And if you sing on top of that, that’s around 1,600 to 1,700 calories.”

The new workout video comes ahead of BTS’ scheduled launch of its highly anticipated anthology album Proof, in celebration of the group’s nine-year anniversary this year. See the official track list for CDs one, two and three here. Proof is out June 10.

Watch BTS’ new workout video below.

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