Canadian favorite coffee & doughnut shop Tim Hortons now open in Katy

Canadian ex-pats of Houston, rejoice, eh! Your favorite coffee and doughnut shop has made its Texas debut.

Tim Hortons has quietly opened its first Houston-area location in Katy at 21817 Clay Rd. Situated just east of the Grand Parkway, the restaurant features a limited amount of internal seating, a few outdoor tables, and a two-lane drive-thru.

Although Tim Hortons hasn’t officially announced the opening, news of its debut has circulated on social media. When CultureMap stopped by Tuesday at 1 pm, cars filled the drive-thru and a line of eager diners spilled out of the door. It’s not quite an In-N-Out level frenzy — which required police officers to help manage traffic — but it still demonstrates the enthusiasm for the Canadian favorite.

Once inside, diners will find a variety of doughnut options, including the signature Timbits doughnut holes, along with muffins and breakfast sandwiches on croissants or bagels. Beverage options are extensive, ranging from hot or iced coffee to juices, teas, and sodas.

Patience is advised, as the staff is still learning the ropes. An order on Tuesday afternoon for six doughnuts, an iced coffee, and a chai latte took approximately 30 minutes to be served. Online ordering is not yet available.

Local radio personality Ashlee Young delivered this decidedly mixed review from her visit to the restaurant:



The new location comes from a partnership between Tim Hortons and Houston’s CSM Group, which operates Popeyes locations in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. CSM Group CEO Ali Lakhany told the Houston Chronicle in March that his company plans to open 30 locations across the Houston area, including 10 in the first three years. The company is counting on beating coffee chains like Starbucks with a lower price point and baked goods that are prepared on-site.

“The fresh quality food will be key, and, in Texas, the price point will be another advantage that Tim Hortons will have over Starbucks,” Lakhany said in March. “I think Starbucks is way too overpriced.”

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