Celebrate Selena’s birthday at a free Houston outdoor movie screening

It’s hard to fathom that legendary and iconic Tejano pop superstar Selena Quintanilla would be only 51 years old this year — so early was her life cut short.

Now, 27 years after Selena’s death, fans can celebrate her birthday on April 16 with a free screening of her biopic, Selena, which marks its 25th anniversary this year. Selena fans can gather at Regent Square Park, the lawn of Regent Square, the development located just steps from Buffalo Bayou, at W. Dallas and Dunlavy streets.

The free screening starts at 8 pm; the film will be projected on a 20-foot screen. All ages are welcome and attendees are encouraged to follow weather updates via @regentsquarehtx on social media.

Often cited as the Jennifer Lopez’s breakout role — one that showcased her singing and dance acumen — Selena won rave reviews in 1997 and after for its musically charged retelling of Selena’s life and her rapid ascension to star status before she was murdered by her friend and fan club manager Yolanda Saldívar in 1995 at a Corpus Christi hotel.

But thanks to songs such as “Dreaming of You,” and “I Could Fall in Love,” Selena lives on — her movie made Lopez the highest-paid Latina actress at the time and cemented Selena’s place in music history and Texans’ hearts.

Selena screens at Regent Square Park, 3515 West Dallas St. Free. 8 pm. 

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