COVID-19 Bulletin (02/16/22) – D Magazine

Dallas County has seen a 53.5 percent decrease in week-over-week 14-day average in active cases across all groups, with 9,856 active cases. There was a 57.7 percent decrease in week-over-week for youth active cases as well, reports Steve Miff, the CEO of the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation.

A North Texas anti-vaxxer admits to threatening doctor over their COVID-19 stance. Scott Harris left vulgar messages and threats to a George Washington University professor and physician who supports the vaccine. This is one of many cases where health care officials are targeted  by anti-vaxxers. Read more from the Dallas Morning News here.

KERA News says that COVID-19 has led to increased food insecurity in North Texas according to a study.

After nearly dying of COVID-19, Texas mom Diana Crouch encourages pregnant women to get vaccinated, KRGV reports.

There’s a voluntary recall issued for at-home COVID-19 test illegally imported into the United States. From WAFB, according to FDA these tests are not authorized, cleared, or approved for distribution in the United States.

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