COVID-19 Bulletin (04/11/22) – D Magazine

Dallas based Vaxxinity has begun a phase III trial for COVID-19 booster vaccine, the Dallas Morning News reports. If successful, the study could lead to conditional approval of the vaccine, called UB-612.

The COVID-19 criminal justice backlog is costing taxpayers $3 million each month to operate the county jail. Many of those being housed there are awaiting trial. The county is looking to add more probation positions to help process inmates through the system. The Dallas Morning News has more.

Airlines that dropped mask rules are now facing staffing shortages, reports CBS News. The disruptions also come as the CEOs of leading US airlines urge the Biden Administration to roll back the federal rule requiring masks be worn in the sky.

ABC News says that cases are spiking among Washington’s elite. As masks are no longer required, many people who attended the Gridiron Club Dinner on Saturday came back with positive COVID-19 cases.

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