Daily Horoscope: March 21, 2022

Communication planet Mercury meets philosophical Jupiter, both in imaginative Pisces, at 2:06 AM, finding us sharing big ideas! It’s an exciting time for discussion, and the atmosphere is open-minded or optimistic. Good news may be on the way—just watch out for exaggerations.

The moon in Scorpio squares off with fiery Mars in Aquarius at 7:17 AM, which could find us feeling impatient, and surprising feelings may pop up as the moon opposes Uranus in Taurus at 8:57 AM. The moon squares off with Venus in Aquarius at 12:34 PM, asking us what we truly desire. The moon makes harmonious connections with lucky Jupiter and chatty Mercury at 8:09 PM and 10:26 PM respectively, and squares off with taskmaster Saturn at 11:49 PM, finding us setting boundaries.

All times ET.

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It’s a powerful time to connect with your inner voice, explore your imagination, share secrets, and discover hidden parts of yourself as Mercury and Jupiter meet in Pisces!


Exciting new social connections can form as Mercury and Jupiter meet in Pisces. You may be connecting with a community that shares your hobbies, interests, or goals. It’s an exciting time to discuss your dreams for the future!


Your ruling planet Mercury meets lucky Jupiter in Pisces today, activating the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune! You may be sharing exciting news or receiving a reward or recognition of some kind. A new conversation about your career can begin…


Mercury and Jupiter meet in fellow water sign Pisces, which may can you making exciting travel plans, learning something inspiring, or publishing your ideas!


Mercury and Jupiter meet in Pisces today, which can find you and your partners having big conversations about money or other shared resources. Someone may have a generous offer for you, but watch out for exaggerations or over-estimations.


It’s an exciting time in your relationships, dear Virgo! Your ruling planet Mercury meets lucky Jupiter in Pisces, which can find you meeting someone inspiring or connecting in a profound way in an established partnership.


Mercury meets Jupiter in Pisces today: This can be an exciting time for productivity, and you might be starting a new gig—but you’d be wise not to over-schedule yourself! Set limits on your availability, dear Libra.


Mercury meets Jupiter in fellow water sign Pisces today, which could find you being invited someplace exciting! The mood is especially flirtatious, and fun banter can flow with your love interest. It’s a powerful time for creative self-expression!


Mercury meets your ruling planet Jupiter in Pisces today, which can find you beginning an exciting new conversation concerning your home, family, or personal life! You might be feeling nostalgic; discussions about the past could take place.


Mercury meets Jupiter in Pisces, creating a busy atmosphere! Big conversations could be taking place. Some excitement in your neighborhood may arrive! Just watch out for exaggerations. It’s a lovely time to write poetry or discuss philosophy.


Exciting and optimistic conversations about money can take place as Mercury meets Jupiter in Pisces—just watch out for exaggerations. Creativity flows, and it’s an exciting moment to explore your talents.


Mercury meets your ruling planet Jupiter in your sign today, Pisces, which can find you making a big introduction or sharing exciting news! Your creative powers may be especially strong at this time.

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