Doja Cat needed that one sip and puff before accepting her Billboard Music Award

After accepting numerous awards, Doja Cat still needs that liquid courage to get up on stage.

The artist took a few moments to make it on stage, to make sure she could sip the last of her cocktail and puff her pen one more time.

After the drink and puff did what it needed to do, she made her way up to the stage, tossing the pen on the ground.

She even let out some smoke from her vape pen as she hurried her way to accept the award.

The relatable moment had many fans reacting on Twitter. Many people sharing their love for Doja Cat for always being her authentic self.

Twitter users shared their reaction to the throw away vape moment: “She’s so me” ,”This is entirely too relatable” and “When the phone rings when working remote.”

Loyal fans of Doja Cat, know this isn’t her first time smoking on screen. She’s been caught blowing smoke on Instagram lives a few times accidentally.

The artist took home two wins for Top Rhythm and Blues Album and Top Rhythm and Blues Female Artist.

Expect the “Planet Her” artist to celebrate her wins with some more drinks and puffs on her social media.

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