Eric Trump Is in the Shitting-Himself Stage of the Trump Org Fraud Investigation

We learned earlier this week via a court filing that Mazars USA, the accounting firm that has worked for years with Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, had not only cut ties with the family business but let it be known that the financial statements it had prepared for it could not be trusted. That would be bad news even if the Trump Organization was known as the most scrupulous, ethical, upstanding organization in the business world, but of course, it is not. Instead, the company is the subject of at least three separate criminal and civil investigations, by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the Westchester County district attorney’s office, and the office of the New York attorney general, the latter of which has said it’s uncovered “significant evidence” of fraud. So when the accountants for the Trump Organization basically tell the world, “you can’t trust these guys,” it’s not good! And at least one Trump is not taking it very well!

On Monday, Eric Trump, who took over the day-to-day running of the family business with his brother, Don Jr., in 2017, vowed to get revenge on New York attorney general Letitia James, tweeting: “On Thursday, our team will be in front of a New York Judge outlining the blatantly unethical behavior of @TishJames the NY Attorney General. There are 81 pages of videos, tweets & fundraising solicitations (some as recent as two weeks ago) in our lawsuit for the judge to see.”

This is a common line of attack from Eric and other members of the Trump family, i.e. that it‘s somehow a crime for James to campaign on holding Donald Trump accountable, which, of course, it is not. Appearing on Fox News last month, the middle Trump boy moaned: “Sean, she said literally on video…‘I’m going to go into office every single day, I’m gonna sue Trump, and then I’m gonna go home.’ Meaning, she ran on the campaign promise of suing my father because she didn’t believe in his political party, because she didn’t like us, because the people in Washington, D.C., told her to do that. It violates the Constitution, it’s unethical, it’s wrong, and you don’t need to take it from me. I mean, listen to the dozens of videos where, ‘I’m gonna get him,’ ‘I’m gonna get his children,’ ‘I’m gonna take him down,’ ‘he’s gonna know my name personally,’ ‘he’s gonna know Tish James,’ ‘I’m gonna follow his money.’ This is what you’d expect from Russia, this is what you’d expect from Venezuela. This is third-rate stuff.” (In fact, it is not a violation of the Constitution for a prosecutor to investigate Trump and his business, particularly given that there is already loads of documentation of alleged wrongdoing by said business. Separately, we won’t even get into the fact that Donald Trump wasn’t particularly fussed about what the Constitution says when he was trying to overturn the results of the last election, or that he literally campaigned on putting Hillary Clinton in jail in 2016.)

Still worked up about the whole thing, Eric followed up his tweet on Monday with another appearance on Hannity, where he suggested that it was the height of politics that the Trump Organization is being investigated by the same New York prosecutors who aren’t looking into…an entirely made-up crime the Clinton campaign has not actually been accused of.

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“Sean, where are the prosecutors right now?” Eric asked, his voice quivering. “The same prosecutors who will go after my father every single day for nothing, right, just because they want to disqualify him because he is clearly the front-runner for 2024? Where are those prosecutors? Hillary Rodham Clinton is a New York resident, let me just kind of break that down for you. She lives in Chappaqua, New York. Guess where Trump Tower located? It’s located on 5th Avenue in New York. Where are these prosecutors? Where’s the D.A.? Isn’t that a federal…isn’t that a…isn’t that fraud? Isn’t that all sorts of offenses? Where is Letitia James in this whole thing? Is she just going to ignore this because Hillary happens to be in her political party? Where is the equal justice?”

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Speaking of possible fraud by people named Trump…

It appears that the former first lady’s post–White House activities may not be on the up and up. Per The Hill:

Officials in Florida have reportedly opened an investigation into a fundraiser by former first lady Melania Trump. The New York Times over the weekend reported that Trump is selling tickets to an April “high tea” event, from which organizers say profits will benefit an initiative of her Be Best endeavor called “Fostering the Future.” The initiative is meant to provide computer science scholarships to young people who have been in foster care, the Times reported. The Times reported that no charity with the name Fostering the Future or Be Best has been registered in Florida.

The revelation about the former first lady’s venture came as part of a more wide-ranging Times report on former President Trump, his associates, and his business dealings since leaving the White House. 

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