F1 news LIVE: Ferrari’s F1-75 car launch and Ross Brawn ‘convinced’ of better racing in 2022

Lewis Hamilton Breaks Months Of Silence

There’s another huge 2022 Formula 1 car launch and livery reveal today after weeks of Ferrari teasing the F1-75. The upcoming F1 season is fast approaching with Max Verstappen aiming to defend his maiden world title after a dramatic end to the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi to defy Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’s greatness.

The Red Bull driver came out on top in one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all time, but the Belgian-Dutch driver is not assured of meeting Hamilton ever again on the track, with the seven-time world champion not committing officially to the new season, though the SIlver Arrows have dropped several hints that the Briton will be “back”.

The highly-controversial episode at the Yas Marina Circuit has led to the F1 Commission meeting in London this week, designed to allow the power brokers in the sport to discuss the controversial incident involving race director Michael Masi’s decision following Nicholas Latifi’s out and the safety car with five laps. Mercedes were especially bitter about the final-lap shootout and heads could roll to provide a satisfactory ending to this bitter saga. The results may not be published until the eve of the 2022 season in Bahrain in March. It has been reported that Hamilton’s future in the sport hinges of the outcome of the F1 Commission’s inquiry into the controversy

Elsewhere there is the excitement of F1 cars being launched for the new season, with the next set of covers set to be removed at Ferrari’s garage on Thursday.

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Ross Brawn warns Red Bull and Mercedes could fall ‘flat on their faces’

Ross Brawn believes Red Bull and Mercedes could fall “flat on their faces” this season after investing so much time and effort into the thrilling 2021 championship fight.

Brawn is comparing this upcoming season to 2009 when Brawn GP snuck up on McLaren and Ferrari’s fierce battle in 2008.

Brawn GP capitalised with the title mainly due to their double diffuser, leaving McLaren third with just two Grand Prix wins and Ferrari down in fourth with a solitary victory.

Brawn said: “In 2008, there was a big battle between two of the big teams and they rather fell flat on their faces when they got to 2009.

“I don’t think it will be that severe [this year]. I’m not predicting that but it is a very good point.

“And this is what’s going to happen going forward because you are going to have to balance your financial resource in each season against the following season.”

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 11:07


Ross Brawn ‘convinced’ F1 will see better racing in 2022

Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn is “convinced” new technical rules will see better racing in 2022 and the grid will be “closer in performance from the very beginning”.

After Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battled it out last term, the new rules are expected to create more contenders.

Brawn said: “We may see we don’t quite hit a bull’s eye in terms of following [directly behind another car] but we will still be so massively ahead of where we were because the old cars were dreadful [for racing].”

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 10:58


Ross Brawn tips more drivers to challenge Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in 2022

Ross Brawn has tipped more drivers to challenge Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in 2022 due to the new regulations in Formula 1.

“I honestly don’t think the regs will change the general order of things dramatically,” Brawn told the BBC. “I think it will bring it a lot closer and I think we will see some of what were the midfield teams challenging. We’ll have a bigger group of competitive teams.

“[Last year] we either expected a Mercedes or Red Bull to win unless something different happened. We’re blessed with a number of great drivers – [McLaren’s] Lando Norris, the Ferrari drivers [Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz], George Russell in the Mercedes. Any number of combination of drivers could give us a great season.”

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 10:47


Lando Norris tips sim drivers to come into real racing

Lando Norris believes a run of eSports racers will transition towards the real thing in the future.

“I definitely think you will see more and more,” the 22-year-old told GQ. “I think this is proof. I know Cem Bolukbasi reasonably well. I know he did a bit of racing before, so maybe it’s not the driver who has come from solely doing sim racing games to then going in the car.

“But you are seeing more and more of these people come [into eSports racing] from not being able to afford karting, which I think is why it’s so good and why so many people do it. It’s because of how expensive karting is nowadays. You get more and more drivers coming through from just doing sim racing at home or wherever who are then getting an opportunity to drive in GT cars or Formula 3 or Formula 2.”

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 10:37


F1 Drive to Survive season 4 release date and everything we know

The pair went toe-to-toe throughout the 2021 season and pushed each other so hard they went into the final race of the season on equal points. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix turned into one of the most controversial sports moments as Verstappen overtook Hamilton on the last lap.

Race director Michael Masi allowed some cars to unlap themselves and others not after a safety car was deployed. This meant Verstappen was right behind Hamilton and an inquiry into the race is underway.

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 10:26


Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes appear to confirm British driver will return to F1 for 2022 season

Mercedes have given the clearest indication yet that Sir Lewis Hamilton will continue his Formula One career this year, after months without any word from the racer over his intentions to return for the 2022 season.

Hamilton has kept a low public profile since the end of last term, when Max Verstappen beat him at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the final lap – after a hugely contentious call from race director Michael Masi.

That decision and subsequent outcome has since seen the FIA hold an inquest, Mercedes initially appeal and then drop their objections to the race result and, over and above all other factors, has led to much debate over whether Hamilton would return as intended for the new season, retire from the sport or take a sabbatical.

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 10:05


Bahrain Grand Prix to remain on Formula One calendar until 2036

Formula One has announced that the Bahrain Grand Prix will remain on the calendar until 2036.

The contract extension is the longest of F1 owners’ Liberty Media’s five-year reign.

The Sakhir circuit joined the schedule in 2004 during Bernie Ecclestone’s rule, becoming the first F1 race in the Middle East.

The race was cancelled in 2011 amid civil unrest in the country but has been an ever-present on the calendar since.

For the second consecutive season, Bahrain will stage the first race of a record-breaking 23-round campaign, with Max Verstappen opening his championship defence in the Gulf Kingdom on March 20.

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 09:50


Ferrari F1-75: Carlos Saint gives verdict of new car on the simulator

“Different from the machines seen in recent years. Innovative to the maximum,” Carlos Sainz said.

“Until last year we drove the best cars in F1 history, well balanced but spiteful. If you lost control for an instant, you would crash.

“This Ferrari seems even more reactive to me. The suspensions are stiffer, we will have to get used to managing it.

“If it’s easy to drive, everything emerges faster, the lap times come almost by themselves. Then you have to compare the data with those of others.

“I don’t think the first test in Barcelona is enough, but in Bahrain we will have some certain information.

“Full of energy and positivity. I think last year’s experience did us all good. In the corridors in Maranello I meet smiling, toned and confident people.

“I don’t see stress, I see the desire to do well.”

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 09:35


Ferrari F1-75 car launch for 2022 F1 season

Ferrari have created a “surprising” design for their latest creation: the F1-75.

The innovative shape is “indicating an aerodynamic design that is as unusual as it is original, both in terms of its lines and its proportions,” acording to Corriere Della Sera.

“Those who have seen it say it has a rampant look, with a few “nocturnal” touches, especially on the wings,” the report adds. “Those who designed it are aware that they have chosen an aggressive philosophy.

“The fact that they have come through a long critical period seems to have generated a push towards the extreme.”

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 09:20


Red Bull sign record-breaking deal

Red Bull have confirmed a record-breaking deal with cryptocurrency exchange platform Bybit.

The home of world champion Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull have entered into a three-year agreement in what represents the largest per-annum cryptocurrency sponsorship deal conducted in international sport.

GP Fans report the total is worth $150million across three years with the deal coming off the back of a team title branding arrangement with American multi-national computer technology corporation Oracle, thought to be worth as much as $500million across five years.

Jack Rathborn17 February 2022 09:05

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