Finally, the Rain Has Returned

In the early morning hours Sunday, Houstonians were awakened to a strange noise: thunder. It’s been a miserably warm and dry May, increasing drought conditions across Texas. While Sunday may not have completely made up for all that lack of rain, it was a start with more on the way early this week.

A slow-moving, sagging “cold” front was responsible for the thunder and lightning that probably found your dogs begging to get into bed with you. It also brought with it a couple inches of much needed rain, enough to soak down dry yards and partially fill bayous.

While that front remains in the general area and several disturbances pass through, we will see more of the wet stuff throughout the first half of the week. Monday will probably stay dry with cloudy skies, but both Tuesday and Wednesday should add to our precipitation totals.

Expect the best chances on Wednesday as another cool front approaches east Texas. By the time all is said and done, we could have another two to four inches of rain. It won’t be enough to catch us up to normal rainfall levels, but it will make a dent.

Fortunately, it will also not be any kind of flooding threat either. Just a good solid rain, something we’ve needed around here for nearly a month.

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