Football players pull woman from crashed car: GA teacher


A group of football players helped a woman trapped in a car after a crash outside their high school, a teacher said.

Screen grab/Rome City Schools via Facebook

A group of football players used “their strength” to rescue a woman trapped inside a smoking car after a crash outside their Georgia high school, a teacher said.

Their “heroic actions” were witnessed by math teacher Luis Goya. He was standing in front of Rome High School at the time of the crash on Friday, Aug. 12, according to a Facebook post from Rome City Schools, which shared Goya’s account of the incident.

“While I was in front of the school during my morning duty, I heard a loud noise at the intersection that appeared to be a wreck,” Goya said. “While I was running to the intersection, I noticed that two cars were involved.”

He said that a 50-year-old woman was trapped in one of the cars as smoke started pouring out of it and “fluid started to spill everywhere in the intersection.” Her door was “jammed and in terrible shape.”

Goya said he called 911 as the football players, who also witnessed the wreck, ran to the car to help the woman.

“They literally started using their strength to pry the door open, so the lady could be released,” Goya said. “After a few seconds of pulling and pushing the door, the boys ended up opening it and helped her get out of the car.”

A photo shared by Rome City Schools shows the students pulling on the door of the smoking car, and footage obtained by WAGA appears to show the group open the door and help the woman out of the car.

“We all knew we had to get her out before something worse would happen,” Treyvon Adams, one of the students involved in helping the woman, told the TV station.

Coach John Reid told WAGA that the school is “really proud” of the players.

“When I saw the video I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, these kids really did run right into danger and have a sensational event where they helped a lady out of a car that could have caught fire,’” Reid said, according to the outlet.

But Tyson Brown, another student who was involved in the rescue, told the outlet “we weren’t worried about ourselves, we were worried about the lady.”

After the rescue, the woman was “shaking and still in panic,” Goya said, but the group comforted and helped her.

“The Rome High School football players really showed up today,” he said. “They went above and beyond to help this lady without hesitation.”

Football Player_fitted.jpeg
Rome City Schools commended the players for their actions to help the woman. Screen grab/Rome City Schools via Facebook

The school system thanked the students for “being examples our community can be proud of.”

“Couldn’t be … prouder of the selfless act and showing what Rome Wolves Football is all about,” Rome High Football posted on Facebook.

Police told WAGA the woman was taken to a hospital with cuts and bruises. She’s expected to be OK.

A police report obtained by WXIA said the crash occurred around 8 a.m. and that a 16-year-old has been cited with failing to yield while making a left turn.

Rome is about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta.

Bailey Aldridge is a reporter covering real-time news in North and South Carolina. She has a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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