Here’s how much rents have increased in Houston in the past 7 years

┬áIt’s not just the price of milk, meat and gas rising. So is rent, and it’s rising too much for some renters to keep afloat.

CultureMap news partner ABC13’s data team compiled numbers of rent from the past seven years in several cities across the country. What it discovered is rent is up 39 percent compared to seven years ago.

In Houston, rent has gone from $1,230 a month in 2014 to $1,515 in 2021. It’s an increase that renters know too well. Houston Apartment Association member Stephanie Graves said like everything else, rent is rising. The cost to build and renovate is increasing, and so are the taxes landlords have to pay.

ABC13 data shows rent is up 23 percent in Houston over the past seven years. However, it climbed 10 percent in just the past year.

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