Houston SPCA receives big grant to give 100 dogs lifesaving treatment

Here’s some heartwarming news: The Bissell Pet Foundation just awarded the Houston SPCA a $20,000 “Healing Heartworm” grant that will cover the cost of treatment for 100 dogs with heartworm disease who have been rescued by the Houston SPCA.

It was just Heartworm Awareness Month, so the benefits of this grant are two-fold. Not only will these dogs get the treatment they need to live a healthier life, but the public is learning more about heartworms and how it does not have to be a deterrent when adopting a new furry friend.

“The lifesaving medication this grant provides will not only change these special dogs’ lives for the better, but remove potential barriers so they can get into the loving homes they so richly deserve,” says Dr. Roberta Westbrook, chief animal welfare and medical officer at the Houston SPCA.

The “Healing Heartworm” program was launched as an effort to help eliminate the obstacles by providing the much-needed funds to cover the lifesaving treatment.

“Just like any other dog, heartworm-positive dogs deserve the same chance at a new life, and that is why we are thrilled to provide these much-needed resources to shelters,” says Cathy Bissell, founder of Bissell Pet Foundation. “Cost and care for infected dogs can be extensive, but together with these partners we can make a difference in the community and help these wonderful pets lead long, happy lives.”

This will help many dogs, like Jade, who are undergoing treatment. Jade is currently available for adoption, by the way, and can sit, lay down, and is potty-trained. Just putting that out there!

Heartworms is an easily preventable disease with monthly medication provided by a veterinarian. Dogs that are unprotected can become infected through mosquito bites, and tragically, when left untreated, the disease can be potentially fatal.

The “Healing Heartworm” program will begin immediately so that scores of heartworm-positive homeless dogs get a chance at a new life while they recover from this very preventable disease.

For more information about the “Healing Heartworm” program with Bissell Pet Foundation, visit and follow the latest updates from Houston SPCA at

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