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Kelly Clarkson got in a reflective, sensual mood for Tuesday’s (June 21) Kellyoke segment on her daily talk show with a smoldering take on Maren Morris‘ 2019 ballad “RSVP.” Wearing a bold floral print dress, Clarkson flawlessly captured the track’s come hither arrangement and Morris’ ready-for-amour vibe.


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“Don’t tell me that you got better plans/ For those velvet hands, they’re in demand/ Don’t tell me that you’re not a little curious/ Don’t be so serious, it can be only us,” Kelly sang before dipping into the straight-talking chorus.

“If you want more than your eyes on me, yeah/ You can let me know privately/ RSVP/ Bring your love to me, yeah/ It’s an open invitation to an all-night situation/ If I’m where you wanna be,” she sang as her band provided a sultry, pop soul backing groove.

Back in 2019, Morris told Billboard that “RSVP” was the track on her sophomore album, Girl, that pushed her the furthest out of her comfort zone. She said the song was “very sexual,” but in a “clever” way. “It’s not just straight up dirty – not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s definitely the most confident I’ve ever been with my body, my sexuality and my prowess, and that was fun to tap into,” she explained about the busbee-produced slow jam. “If you do it in the right way and it’s almost silly, it’s believable. That’s my favorite part about those ‘90s R&B jams, they’re so good they’re almost a joke. So we tapped into that.”

Check out a clip of Clarkson singing “RSVP” below.

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