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Another Excessive Force Allegation Cleared for Sgt. Rudloff. Sgt. Roger Rudloff is the officer who fired less-than-lethal munitions at point-blank range into a woman’s chest during the 2020 downtown protests. The News has covered his history of excessive force allegations—and how he continues to avoid punishment. In June, the department cleared him again, the 19th time that’s happened. Citing pending litigation, the police chief would not comment further.

Texas Transportation Commission Approves $85 Billion 10-Year Plan. Lots of highway expansions coming to the state over the next years. The $85 billion price tag is a record spend for the state, a $50 billion increase over what was approved in 2014. “Projects are selected by TxDOT and local transportation leaders based on effectiveness in addressing criteria such as safety, pavement condition, capacity, and rural connectivity,” according to the governor’s office.

Rain Is Again Likely. My wife and I just got back from a week in West Texas and our yard has sprung back to life, like that drought (almost) never happened. Anyway, rain today is likely west of Dallas, but it grows more widespread on Thursday. Coverage is expected to be about 70 percent tomorrow, 40 percent on Friday, and tapers off into the Labor Day weekend.


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