Martha Stewart Helps Fight Hunger on Super Bowl Sunday

Martha Stewart was in L.A. for Super Bowl Sunday, hosting the Big Game Impact meal-packing competition and brunch downtown to benefit the Los Angeles Mission and other organizations.

The lifestyle media icon was also in town to host the Puppy Bowl on Animal with her friend and business partner Snoop Dogg, who also performed at halftime.

Since the Super Bowl is the second-biggest food consumption day of the year, it was the perfect opportunity to focus on providing equitable access to nutritious food in connection with non-profit partners.

Stewart’s line of Martha Stewart Kitchen frozen meals, available at Kroger, partners with Feeding America to donate 1.5 million meals through the country, and Kroger also backs the Zero Hunger, Zero Waste Foundation to support non-profits driving positive change for the planet.

Stewart, who said she’s been a longtime supporter of hunger causes such as Meals on Wheels, said, “This initiative is very important nationwide.”

In addition to hunger, Stewart is also focused on the food waste issue and points out that her Marley Spoon meal kits are “zero waste.” “I know how hard it is to grow food and harvest food. I do my own all the time, and the food people throw away is outrageous, so so this is a very good initiative,” she said.

Also stopping by the brunch to support Stewart was R.J. Cutler, whose said his Stewart-focused documentary feature will debut on Netflix in 2023.

Would the lifestyle media star ever consent to a dramatic biopic about her eventful life? It’s a possibility, she says. “We have some interest.”

When Stewart comes to L.A., she tries to always pay a visit to Nobu, and Saturday she was on the rooftop of Matsuhisa with Drake. “Matsuhisa’s a friend,” she says. She also likes to hit République for coffee, croissants and brioche, and stops by Gjusta in Venice. “I load up bags and take stuff home,” she says.

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