Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, April 2022

Pisces are famously creative, and you might discover a new talent on April 1 during the new moon in Aries! A gift, raise, or new source of income could come your way, or perhaps you’re taking a new approach to your finances. You may simply be reconsidering what you need in order to feel secure and comfortable. The sun meets Mercury in Aries on April 2, and you’re managing financial paperwork or having a discussion or realization about your money, belongings, security, or comfort in general.

Engage in your favorite ways to unwind on April 4: Mars and Saturn meet in Aquarius on this day, which may find you sitting with tension. This can be an especially powerful time to work through issues in therapy, especially the things you can’t do anything about, things you don’t know for certain, or things that stir anxiety about the unknown. Accepting ambiguity may be a lesson you need to learn at this time! You can’t solve every problem in the world, even if your big heart wants to, Pisces. The mood shifts on April 5 as Venus enters your sign: You may feel especially charming or have an easy time asking for what you want…and receiving it! This is an exciting moment for romance, and for feeling valued and appreciated in general.

Communications speed up as Mercury mingles with fiery Mars on April 8, and Mercury squares off with Pluto on April 10, finding you connecting with a group of people who are doing important work and creating change. Intense conversations may take place Also on April 10, Mercury enters grounded earth sign Taurus, and you’re wondering how realistic and actionable certain ideas are.

Fantasy, however, is your main concern on April 12, one of the most magical days of the year, when your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, meet in your sign! You might find yourself undergoing an incredible, inspiring transformation, achieving—or beginning the process to achieve—something you thought was only possible in your dreams. Your brilliant imagination is wowing everyone you come in contact with at this time. You have an enchanting mystique about you always, dear Pisces, but you’re especially glamorous right now. Also on this day, the sun connects with Saturn, adding a grounding atmosphere

Action planet Mars enters your sign, Pisces, on April 14, which may find you approaching things in an especially direct way. You might feel more extroverted or expressive. The full moon in Libra takes place on April 16, and you’re settling a debt or addressing a situation concerning bills or finances. Money or other shared resources are a theme in your relationships at this time, and if a conversation about cash has been avoided, it may need to surface. Libra is all about partnership and balance, and you and your partners can discuss what’s fair during this full moon: Compromises can be found!

An easygoing, friendly energy flows on April 17 as Mercury connects with Venus. You may send or receive a romantic note, or simply some good news, as Mercury and Venus align with Uranus in Taurus on April 18, which might also bring surprising conversations. Also on this day, the sun squares off with Pluto, and you’re reconsidering your approach to finances, and how you want to invest your time, money, and energy. A shift in your social life might take place, and you may decide that a certain group’s dynamic isn’t working for you. Egos may clash, control issues stirred, so enlist the help of someone qualified if you feel like things are getting out of hand. 

Communication kicks up as Taurus season begins on April 19, but obstacles or delays may take place on April 24 as chatty Mercury squares off with the planet of limitations, Saturn. Maybe a delay or two won’t be so bad…perhaps that means you can slow down a bit? Mercury also mingles with your ruling planet Neptune on April 24, finding you content to daydream! It’s a powerful moment to get in touch with your intuition. You may connect with a neighbor or sibling if you have them, or you might discover something intriguing in your neighborhood. Your ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune are both active on April 27 as Mercury connects with Jupiter and Venus with Neptune: Mercury and Jupiter’s connection inspires optimism and might bring some big ideas or news. Venus’s meeting with Neptune inspires a hugely romantic atmosphere! It’s an exciting time to connect with a lover and share your feelings and fantasies. Creative inspiration also flows.

You may link with someone quite powerful on April 28 as Mercury connects with Pluto, and Pluto retrograde begins in Capricorn on April 28, which can find you reflecting on your social life, groups, and communities, and what sort of future you want to manifest. Are you spending time with people who inspire you, doing meaningful things? Or do you feel like you’re still searching for where you fit in? Either way, you feel like these are important questions and themes at this time.

Mercury enters Gemini on April 29, activating the home and family sector of your chart and finding you taking care of paperwork concerning your living situation, having conversations with roommates or family members, or communicating your boundaries and needs at home. You may be in a nostalgic mood, and might enjoy taking a tour of some of your former haunts, looking at old photos, or connecting with a longtime friend.

A eureka moment arrives with the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30! Eclipses often find us learning information we’d never considered or accessed, so you might have some significant conversations or things to examine at this time. If you have a sibling, a new journey may be beginning in that relationship. An important shift in your neighborhood or with your neighbors might be taking place. Venus also connects with your ruling planet Jupiter during this eclipse, and you’re feeling especially generous—and attractive! It’s be an exciting time to make introductions or connect with your partners: Though eclipses can be tiring and emotional, you may be especially into yourself at this time, feeling proud and eager to enjoy life! 

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in May!

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