South African Private Reserve Hits the Market for $36 Million: Photos

The compound is also an animal sanctuary. “The reserve is fully protected with Game Fencing, and there is a team of highly experienced conservationists who manage the reserve,” Cooper told Insider.

A view of a game vehicle next to a white rhino

Residents can spot big game animals, such as rhinos, leopards, and elephants, on the property.

Courtesy of iSanti Big-5 Game Reserve and the Magic Hills Private Collection

The reserve is home to the Big Five game animals: the lion, the leopard, the African bush elephant, the African buffalo, and the black rhinoceros.

According to the listing, iSanti is home to the world’s largest living black rhino.

“Residents are able to traverse the reserve in game-viewing vehicles,” Cooper said.

“Residents are also able to enjoy organized hikes, always with a game ranger. Never alone, owing to the fact that the animals roam free,” she added.

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