The 27 Best Items From the SSENSE Spring Sale 2022


Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

In case you haven’t left the blissful, crisp atmosphere of your air-conditioned apartment, let us be the first to tell you—spring is over, dude, and the molten months of summer are here, whether you (and your wardrobe) are ready or not. If you don’t have AC, we got you covered, but if you need to spruce up your warm weather closet, you’ll have to do a little self-evaluation of what you need to be the (figuratively) hottest (figuratively) person on the boardwalk this summer. Thankfully, SSENSE, one of the chicest streetwear slingers in the game, is throwing a bonanza of a spring sale, with deals on the dopest designer goods, from Carhartt W.I.P. and Stüssy to ACNE studios, Jean Paul Gaultier, and more iconic designers and brands who know how to turn you and that drippy new silver necklace into everyone’s summer crush. 

There are hundreds of pages to indulge in across the women’s and men’s sale, and we know you’re a busy bee—that’s why we rolled up our sleeves to do the sleuthing for you. We’ve emerged with everything from buttery leather wallets and streetwear candles to perfect bodega-run slides by Adidas, zodiac-inspired dishes, and more wares with enough personality to carry us through summer, that most social of seasons. So, crack your fingers, moisten up that credit card, and let’s get you the best bling for your buck at SSENSE’s Spring Sale 2022. 

The best tops 

Carhartt is for the people. Ever since the workwear brand was founded 133 years ago, it has never ceased to slap with its über-durable denim, jackets, beanies, and more skatepark-friendly wares. And the brand’s high-fashion sub-label, Carhartt W.I.P. gets to have even more fun toying with its traditional workwear materials and silhouettes. The beauty’s in the details of this corduroy jacket, which is 36% off right now and has a chic, boxy fit, three-button barrel cuffs, and pockets for days. 

$190$122 at SSENSE

This viscose twill button-down by cult-fave French cool kid brand Jacquemus is 39% off and perfect for a y’all-ternative wedding with space cowboy decor, glitter aspic molds in lieu of cake, and poppers in everyone’s goody bag. 

$340$207 at SSENSE

Another button-down shirt that can take you from brunch to the wedding is this tripped-out top by SSENSE WORKS, which is 51% off right now and was designed in collaboration with the American playwright and polymath Jeremy O. Harris. “The collection captures Harris’ rich, prismatic style,” explains SSENSE, “as well as the intimacy of his words: ‘I murdered a desire to blend.’” Not sure if we fully ~get~ it, but we can’t wait to whip those deets out at our next cocktail party. 

$310$152 at SSENSE

The best bottoms 

SSENSE overfloweth with on-sale Levi’s, the heritage denim brand whose jeans are as essential to our wardrobe as Kewpie mayonnaise is to our veins sandos. Cop a pair of blue straight leg 501s for 37% off and blue ribcage straight ankle jeans for 29% off

$100$57 at SSENSE

$100$63 at SSENSE

A pair of fresh summertime shorts are a must, from retro athletic micro-shorts to this knee-grazing, organic cotton fleece pair by the Parisian fashion brand Études for 47% off—they’ll look great with a few gold chains and a Cameron Poe-esque white tank top.  

$195$103 at SSENSE

These earthy, multicolored striped pants by streetwear legend Stüssy are 36% off right now and are just begging to be taken home by someone with a hacky sack and those crunchy toe sneakers. (So, The Dude/any Taurus.) Wear it with your Grateful Dead x Hedley & Bennett aprons, of course.  

$140$90 at SSENSE

Shopping for the best skirts for men and non-binary folks? This SSENSE WORKS checkered wrap skirt is 50% off, and would look great on everyone from Iggy Pop to the cast of Outlander.  

$340$170 at SSENSE

The best footwear 

We’re always running late, so why not look like we’re running late for motorcycle class? These Dr. Martens high-buffed 1460 leather boots are 36% off right now and embossed with flames that would make Beelzebub blush. 

$160$102 at SSENSE

These are the kind of cozy, sherpa-lined Converse we’d wear to smoke a joint under the bleachers in 1978, and lucky us, they’re 37% off right now.  

$90$57 at SSENSE

Because running into your chatty neighborhood frenemy at the bodega is bad with a hangover, but tolerable in a pair of (on sale) Versace house slippers. We also dig these 20%-off marbled house slippers by Subu, which are the perfect spring-to-summer-to-fall (OK, so all year) house shoe, to go perfectly with your house coat.    

$40$32 at SSENSE

Adidas slides are another clutch bodega run shoe, and this classic Adilette pair is also 20% off. 

$35$28 at SSENSE

The best jewelry and accessories 

As much as we’d love to stash our Bitcoin in our bit-bra (that’s how it works, right?), this red leather demi-lune card case by A.P.C. is a lot more pulled-together, and it’s 37% off right now.    

$145$91 at SSENSE

Ah, Jean Paul Gaultier. Master of the cone bra, mesh turtlenecks, horny sailor ads, and this dreamy, made-in-Italy silver chain/dog tag necklace that’s going for 20% off (and selling fast). 

$185$148 at SSENSE

Now that hiking season is well underway, we’re in the market for the best backpacks that can take us from the office to the trailhead, such as this 34% off Carhartt W.I.P. backpack with padded shoulder straps, a carrying handle at the top, and bungee-style drawstrings to keep your treasures extra secure. 

$105$69 at SSENSE

Mondo Mondo is the baby of Natasha Ghosn, who set out to create organic, playful jewelry pieces inspired by her family’s love of Mexican art, which The New York Times crowned “gloppy” and “glamorous” in the best way possible. Take home this angelic baby for 20% off.    

$225$180 at SSENSE

The best home goods

We are proud members of the cult of fancy hand soap, and Aesop will always be the leader of the pack thanks to its herbaceous, clean scents and vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. The brand’s Reverence hand balm features notes of vetiver root, petitgrain, bergamot, and more. 

$100$80 at SSENSE

Drop your headphones down a well again? No bother. This set of earphones by London-based tech company Nothing is 15% off, includes a wireless charging case, and looks like they should be in the OG Blade Runner.    

$100$85 at SSENSE

Towels from Tekla, Carne Bollente, and Stone Island

The hot clown in us is partial to this striped, organic cotton towel bundle by Tekla, which is 20% off and a great way to make even the most drab of landlord special restrooms feel elevated and put-together.  

$145$116 at SSENSE

‘Tis the season to hit the beach/rooftop/dunes of Arrakis with a vat of sunscreen that won’t clog your pores and  the best beach towels. Snag one from brands including Carne Bollente, whose Orange Wet Summer towel is 31% off and exudes serotonin, and Stone Island, whose 33%-off beach towel makes us feel like a moody, sexy explorer with that woven jacquard logo.     

$80$55 at SSENSE

$250$168 at SSENSE

Candles from Hannah Jewett, Wacko Maria, and Janie Korn

If pets are the new babies, then candles are the new pets, and these candles have transcended their waxy exoskeletons to become conversation pieces for your home or party tablescape. The Black Shadow candle by Hannah Jewett is 46% off and probably already making an appearance at Kravis’ Italian wedding bonanza. Wacko Maria’s 36% off Virgin Mary-inspired creation reminds us that streetwear candles are indeed a (rad) thing, while Janie Korn’s 47% off shrimp-core candle inspires us to measure our days in shrimp cocktails, not coffee spoons.

$90$49 at SSENSE

$250$133 at SSENSE

$110$70 at SSENSE

ACNE Studios’ horoscope dishes

ACNE Studios, you get us. We’re always looking for more zodiac-themed gifts to outfit our home in mystery, and this set of five bone-porcelain plates by the cult-fave Swedish design house’s collaboration with Gustavsberg (Sweden’s last remaining heritage porcelain company) is 34% off, while the teacup set is 37% off. Just in time for dinner with the coven.  

$480$317 at SSENSE

$120$76 at SSENSE

Adam Ross Ceramics rustic mug

This is the kind of hand-thrown mug one steals from an ornery, wise lumberjack in the woods during the climax of a folksy bildungsroman, so it’s hard to believe it’s by Adam Ross Ceramics (and 37% off). One sip from the rugged stoneware, and you’ll unlock a whole new level of mountain-dwelling elitism, even if it’s just from your railroad apartment.  

$70$44 at SSENSE

Now go forth, and be the most intriguing person at Art Basel this year—you’ve got the shrimp candle to prove it. 

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