The 40 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend or Husband

So, what are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for Men™, other than a jar of dirt filled with gold krugerrands? We asked a whole bunch of real life dudes what the best gifts they’ve ever received are, and they swore by everything from gardening tools to flasks that won’t quit. But what about the best V-Day gifts for the men you call “daddy” in-between ball-gags? The best gifts for husbands, the best presents for long-term (or new) boyfriends, and—lest he be left behind as Union Pool’s Cinderella—Tinder Brian? These rad men are not only bona fide dudes, but they’re dudes who have a romantic place in your personal reality show. At least they do this week; every day is a new audition.  

Maybe you want to bless your long-term boo with a present that says, “I know how much you love meatballs, and I know how much your posture sucks.” Luckily, there are organic, online butcher shops and low-profile back braces for your hunched, meaty sweety. If you’re looking for the best present for someone you just started dating, consider something as emotionally neutral (yet, subtly charged; keep them on their toes) as an outdoorsy pour-over coffee kit, or a great chef’s knife that costs less than your last bar tab. 

Whether you’re looking to sweep him off his feet with a trippy NFT or keep him cozy in some Stüssy winter headgear that is actually ~not~ a beanie, here are some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for ye olde boyfriend, partner, husband, or whatever the male situationship in your life may be. 

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him for Under $50

A heart-shaped box of jerky

Man no chocolate, man only meat. Meat in sticks, in big heart.

Man Crates

Grand Jerky Heart

Because a knife is both horny and neutral

It’s true. A fancy chef’s knife that costs under a hundred bucks can totally be a gift that feels like a shrug (what, like they’re your only situationship? getouttahere), or a divine hand on their shoulder that whispers, I know how long you’ve wanted to cut a steak in a single stroke. Go forth and slice, stud. 


High Carbon German Stainless Steel

From the Black Diamond to the bar

This fleece Stüssy head warmer can take your boo from John Denver circa that iconic 1980 skiing music video to “You need anything from the corner store?” real quick, and in real style.  


Solid Polar Fleece Headband

For maximum chillin’ 

We mean literally. The Hyperchiller gets coffee, booze, and any other bev cold in less than 60 seconds. You can even use it with a coffee maker for instant iced coffee. An ice-cold latte or brewski is mere moments away—and 12,000+ happy reviewers are all about it. 


HyperChiller Beverage Chiller

He won’t shut up about Ethereum

Ayyy! Happy for your man who has decided to go full #cryptolife, but bring him back down to Earth with a coin-sorting piggy bank that will help him turn couch-cushion detritus into a micro nest egg.


Digital Coin Counting Bank with LCD Counter

Polish him up 

Grooming is something that makes all the difference, but doesn’t come super naturally to all men, y’know? If his hair could use a little zhuzhing (or if he’s always slathering his ‘do with a goo that’s probably chock full of carcinogens), stuff his stocking with Aesop’s amazing-smelling, shine-infusing Hair Polish; it’s perfect for a guy who wants that slicked-back, G Eazy vibe. 

Improve his posture

It’s a very specific kind of person who gets jazzed about a gift that improves their posture; usually a boomer dad/gamer/Virgo, and especially anyone who is a WFH hermit and looking to improve their posture


Posture Corrector

He’s one of those straight-edge-hardcore-camping vegans 

Naturally, he’s planning on taking you upstate soon. Make sure your woodsy Beanie Baby has a pour-over coffee kit that can go anywhere/get banged-up on a rock and survive without a scratch. Pair it with these beans by On the Go Jo, which is a Black women-owned coffee company, that have bright notes of baked apple and citrus that are perfect for cozy winter months. 

On the Go Jo

Rise Up: Rwanda/Burundi Blend

Beers, bindings, bombing hills

If he’s a winter sports lover who also happens to drink a ton of beer (the overlap is massive in these two categories, trust us) this Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener will be the perfect edition to his man cave or bar setup. 

Michael Bellino

Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

He’s got a big, girthy one

We’re talking about his beard, of course—what were you thinking of? Anyway, The Beard Care Kit is a great gift to help him keep his facial hair healthy and soft with the included handcrafted grooming products (a trifecta of everything he needs: beard shampoo, beard oil, and beer balm) which are all made from natural ingredients. 

Marit Aagaard and Jeff Lovett

The Beard Care Kit

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him for Under $100

Have y’all tried prostate play yet?

It’s really fun. Learn more about how to dip your toes into P-Play in this step-by-step article with tips on everything from toys to foreplay.


Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager

Your first kiss was at the Renaissance Fair

His lips tasted of mutton, cheap ale, and Camel Crush. SWOON! Of course he deserves some legit chainmail.


Half Sleeves Chainmail Shirt with Coif

A plant he can’t kill

Philodendrons are easy going plants. They’re excellent climbers, and can tolerate as much or as little water and light as your boo deems necessary. Also, their leaves are shaped like hearts. Aw. 

The Sill

Philodendron with Green Pot

Snake Plants are also beloved for their ability to thrive in low-light situations, and require very little water:

The Sill

Snake Plant Laurentii

A mellow 70s CBD smoke

Dad Grass is the legal, smokable CBD bud that offers a mellow high just like Pops used to enjoy back in 1977. What does that mean for the user? No paranoia, no scaries, and no dubious legality—just chill vibes and that comforting, skunky haze. They partner with biodynamic farms to bring you the happiest hemp nugs available, and their half-ounce tins even come with rolling papers. 

Dad Grass

CBD Hemp Flower Half Ounce

He’s a swanky stoner

Luxurious CBD gummies from Bay Area confectioner, Molly J., are right up his alley. They’re the kind of tasty you won’t be able to stop thinking about, and a nice wind-down treat after a long day.

Molly J.

Elderflower Grapefruit CBD Gummy Box

He’s a jam band baby 

Because he’s already hogging the closet with merch from the Dead’s 1969 McFarlin Auditorium gig (understandable), but he’s yet to own a versatile, dancing skeleton bandana that can cradle everything from joints and bits and bobs, to that sweet cranium of his, and some beer glasses with vintage Dead posters.


Grateful Dead Scarf

ICUP Store

Grateful Dead Poster Pint Glasses (Set of 4)

Warm his heart… 

… And other parts of his chilly body with this personal and portable concrete fireplace. The FLIKR gives you all the perks of a regular-sized fireplace in a compact design that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. (City folks, we see you.) It also just uses isopropyl alcohol, which makes for a clean burn that won’t create soot and is safe to eat over. Cue the marshmallows. 


Personal Concrete Fireplace

A gift for both of you 

You know how sometimes guys gift their partners lingerie, and how that’s often really more of a gift for them? Yeah—this is giving them a little taste of their own medicine, because your man is gonna absolutely love the simplicity and ease of a solid cologne (especially if he’s used to the liquid/spray stuff) there’s no better gift to yourself than a good-smelling hubby. This three-pack from BaseLight is both excellent and affordable.


Solid Cologne Trio

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him for Under $200

A crazy-cool book about traditional tattoos 

Is your man a tatted daddy? Grab him Taschen’s big, beautiful book of legendary Dutch tattooist Henk Schiffmaffer’s work and archives, which meticulously documents the modern history of tattooing around the world. (Schiffmacher himself has tattooed everyone from Kurt Cobain to Lady Gaga.) It’s a hell of a coffee table book, and one your inked up dude is guaranteed to pore over (and use for new tat ideas). 


TATTOO. 1730s-1970s. Henk Schiffmacher’s Private Collection

An alarm clock that beats the horrible ringing on your cell 

Using your phone as an alarm clock is convenient, sure, but also ends up filling us with dread every time we hear the ringtone go off. Getting a proper alarm clock may seem weird and old school, but not when it’s the Loftie, a new smart alarm clock that doubles as a white noise machine and soothing-vibe beacon. Designed to reduce stress and improve sleep quality, it’s full of features that make hitting the sack feel like a spa treatment. 


Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

A sherpa-lined trucker jacket

What do we want in a man, come the holidays? Cozy, lumbersexual energy—like he could build you a knotty-pine-floored cabin with his bare hands, then pick you up, wrap you up in a bearskin rug, and carry you over to the fire for hot toddies. Regardless of whether your mans can actually accomplish any of these things, he’ll look the part in this sherpa-lined plaid jacket from Lucky Brand, which looks just as killer with Chucks as it does with broken-in work boots. [Supported by Lucky Brand.]

Lucky Brand

Plaid Sherpa-Lined Trucker Jacket

Yes, cast iron is worth the hype

We asked some of our favorite chefs if cast iron is all it’s cracked up to be, and they responded with a resounding, sizzling yes, because you can cook everything from meats to veggies, shakshuka to stews and more in the right semi-deep skillet. There was also unanimous praise for Lodge, a cult cast iron brand whose skillets will stand the test of time when seasoned correctly, and look handsome chilling out on your burners.   


Blacklock Triple Seasoned Cast Iron 3-Piece Skillet Set

You can also customize your boo’s skillet with the help of Smithey Ironware Company, whose vintage-inspired cast iron can be engraved:

Smithey Ironware Co.

No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet (Engraveable)

A Carhartt jacket that will outlive us all

Cuties of all kinds, from buttoned-up bros to grumpy punks, love Carhartt. Especially when the Carhartt jacket in question is made of nylon that is waterproof and breathable, equipped with a hood, and lightweight enough for optimal layering. “I bought one of these 8 years ago,” writes one of the ride-or-die jacket owners, “[and] I have gotten nothing but compliments on it. I wear it at work as an industrial electrician, at home, on cool days, or wet days. I have worn this in misty rain and torrential downpours, [and] it took 8 years to get to the point of water penetrating the outer layer, which is why I bought another exactly like it. Hopefully in 8 years, they’ll still be available.” Damn. 


Men’s Waterproof Shoreline Jacket

The best men’s hiking boots that aren’t ugly

In fact, these Salomons look a little too good. We might have to make them part of the horny Chili’s date night ‘fit. There are loads of aesthetic men’s hiking boots these days from brands like Salomons, which really know how to tug on our streetwear heartstrings with a design that could make even Rick Owens go weak in the knees.


X Ultra Mid 3 Aero Hiking Boots

If your hunny is a Timberland loyalist, grab him a full-grain waterproof leather boot by the sturdy brand for just over $100:


Men’s Flume Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Keep his tush warm while camping

Camping rocks, and we’re all about it. But what we’re less enthused by is when the temp suddenly drops while you’re out in the wild old yonder and you’re left shivering instead of enjoying Slenderman stories and blackened mallows around a barely controlled campfire. That’s why Gobi Heat’s heating camping chairs—with three heat settings and up to nine hours of continuous heating power via battery—are just the right balance between outdoorsy and, dare we say, glamp-y; although, you know, we’d rather not use that word even if we like a little touch of luxury with our survivalism. 

Gobi Heat

Terrain Heated Camping Chair

Some mitts for his mitts

These wax-coated gloves by Give’r are a slow burn gift. At first, he’ll be like, “Gloves?” and then after using them, he’ll be like, “Gloooves.” These will be his “everything” gloves—they’re heavy-duty, waterproof, and insulated for optimal protection, which means they’re good for everything from grabbing a burning log out of a fire to ice fishing in -25 degrees.


4 Season Glove w/ Wax Coating

Toast to his health 

Imagine going on an adventure and not having this Firelight 750 Flask by High Camp to break out around the campfire and drink to your ancestors. It fits a fifth of liquor or a full bottle of wine, the tumblers magnetically attach to the flask so they don’t get lost, and the wide mouth makes filling and pouring a breeze. This one’s a no-brainer, people.

High Camp

Firelight 750 Flask

Damn, You Really Love This Cugine

Have better sex on this furniture

Here’s an idea: Turn your living room into a horny, sex furniture-filled playground with the help of some strategic purchases, such as this chaise lounge that moonlights as a boning station. The width and curvature are perfect for you two (or three, or whatever) to become lubed-up, human rubber bands.  


Yoga Chaise Lounge Chair

A solid shed for hiding his secrets

Becoming the proud owner of a solid wooden shed and a bunch of crypto is basically our generation’s version of owning a home and having a 401(k) plan. Think of all the cool bullshit y’all will be able to store in here; it’s basically an outdoor closet.  


Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Baby’s first NFT

Have y’all been curious about NFTs, but also feeling like everyone who is already talking about them somehow ~knows~ the ins-and-outs? Fret not. We too were n00bs, so we did some sleuthing to find the best places to buy affordable, rad NFT and crypto art. The online auction house 1stDibs is a great place to start if you have a couple big goblin coins (money; we mean regular, paper money) to drop, because their rotation of digital artists really is beautiful and thoughtfully curated, as is for pieces like this by Snoop Dogg:

This rowing machine is a work of art

Did Eames design the Ergatta rowing machine? This is one of those items we dream about having in the ideal at-home gym set-up, because there’s something so gratifying about working out on an apparatus that relies only on cherry wood construction, spinning water, and a svelte shape that supports your form. Rowing works out nine major muscle groups, dude, so you can pop a shroomy and merrily make your way upstream to Swole City.  

He’ll be the envy of all his boys

You show up to the party with a twelver, 11 people like you. You show up with a Tundra Haul YETI Cooler full of suds, you’re a fucking hero. It’s the first-ever YETI cooler on wheels, and features unmatched insulation power and durability, which means this puppy is good for the trails, the beach, and house parties galore. 


Tundra Haul Hard Cooler

Bring the bar to him

“Oh, your man doesn’t have a sope home bar setup?” That’s what you’ll be saying to your friends after you gift him this customizable home liquor tap. It works just like a beer tap, except you don’t need a complicated draft system. It’s great for parties, movie nights, and—honestly—it just looks wicked cool. 

Bud and DeeDee Patterson

Custom Home Bar Tap

Happy holidays, you little eggnog hogs. Here’s hoping next year’s husband has a car. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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