Trump Claimed Again That He Won an Award Which Doesn’t Exist

  • Trump claimed on Saturday that he’d won a “Man of the Year” award in Michigan years ago.
  • He has repeated this claim over the years, despite lacking proof such an award has ever existed. 
  • Multiple news organizations have tried to verify the claim since he started saying it in 2016, though none have found it credible.

Trump repeated a claim at a Michigan campaign rally on Saturday that he’d won a “Man of the Year” award in the state years ago, though no such award has been found to exist. 

“I was named a long time ago, I was named — did you know this? — a long time. I don’t know, your chamber of commerce, somebody, who the hell knows what it is? They named me the Man of the Year in Michigan,” Trump said during his remarks.

“And I got up and I said ‘they’re stealing your car business.’ And I was really rebuked. They said that wasn’t a very nice thing to say. But it’s the truth that I was right. That was a long time ago, Man of the Year in Michigan. We’ve been doing this stuff a long time actually.”

Multiple news organizations have searched for the award Trump claims he won since the first time he publicly made the claim in 2016, though none have found the existence of such an award.

Detroit News, which keeps a list titled “Michiganians of the Year” confirmed Trump had never won its award.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce confirmed to Snopes it also does not award a “Man of the Year” title.

Former GOP Congressman Dave Trott said the claim could be traced to a 2013 event where Trump was gifted a framed version of the Gettysburg Address, but no “Man of the Year” award was presented there, either. 

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